We manufacture high quality and cost effective conductive and adhesive hydrogels, utilizing continuous or semi-continuous processes.

Our gels can be used for the following applications:

  • ECG Electrodes
  • Diathermy Plates
  • Defibrillation Pads
  • TENS Electrodes
  • Other Electrode applications such as NMECS and MCS, Anti-Wrinkle Pads, Skin and Non-Skin Adhesives (Military Applications)

We have malleable scale to manufacture from small to large volumes with diverse range of properties. Flexibility in presentations, like liner and scrim type and aesthetics, scrim position within the hydrogel, gel lay-down width, gel thickness, slit width, roll length, can be easily offered. High hygiene processes enable production with very low bio-burdens (typically <1 cfu/g). We have rigorously controlled processes ensure consistent quality of product as well as short delivery times.

Our Hydrogels have the following USP’s:

  • Outstanding electrical properties with for instance impedance easily meeting AAMI requirements.
  • Excellent skin compatibility such that the hydrogels pass cytotoxicity, skin sensitization and skin irritation tests.
  • Resistant to dry-out.
  • Self-preserving (resistant to microbial attack) without the requirements to add a preservative.
  • Controllable skin adhesion making the gels user friendly in application and removal from paediatric or elderly skin types.
  • Long shelf-life (2 years up to 5 years)
  • Useful properties such as promotion of wound-healing when utilized in cosmetic and wound-care areas.
  • No animal derived products, no phthalates, and no lattices are used in the manufacturing processes.

Medico Electrodes Hydrogels: Made With Pride! 

We are thrilled to introduce Electrode Hydrogels that are innovative in transforming electrocardiography (ECG) procedures. We fully understand the importance of accurate diagnostics, and our ECG electrode gels are crucial in achieving this objective.

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