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Company Introduction

MEDICO ELECTRODES INTERNATIONAL LTD is one of the leading manufacturer of Disposable ECG Electrodes for all cardiac monitoring and diagnostic procedures. The manufacturing of Disposable ECG Electrodes was started by the company in the year 2002. Due to consistent high quality  Products, their demand grew manifolds in a short span of time. This necessitated growth of the company and augmentation of its manufacturing facilities. In 2006 a new state-of-the-art electrode manufacturing facility with enhanced capacity was set-up in Noida SEZ.

Our practice of using the best raw materials and maintaining highest quality control standards in manufacturing combined with our special Gel formulations, allow us to provide the best possible interface between patient and machine.

MEDICO has been accredited with ISO 13485, US FDA Registration and many other prestigious MOH mandates globally. All our products have CE mark and they meet or exceed ANSI / AAMI EC12:2000 standards on Disposable ECG Electrodes. Since, 2011, we are being awarded the highest CRISIL rating in our industry category which is an indication of the company’s financial robustness.

Over the years, the company has bagged many renowned national & international clients. As on date, we are supplying electrodes to over 40 countries apart from India. These include Europe, USA, Latin America, Asia, Australia, Middle East (Gulf) and African nations.

The emphasis is on development of new products and meeting the market requirements for different Countries. The Company specializes in supplying products in their own brand “Medico Electrodes” & in private labelling / OEM Brands. The ability to supply consistently high quality electrodes at competitive prices makes the company a “preferred OEM supplier” to several reputed International Brands. Thanks to the consistent growth, today Medico is amongst the largest manufacturer of Disposable Centre Snap Electrodes in the world and probably the biggest outside USA.

With a constant endeavour to grow, in 2015 Medico acquired 100% shares of a UK based manufacturer  of Tab Electrodes, Electrosurgical Plates and Hydrogel. The Acquisition consisted of two manufacturing plants in Warwick, thus providing a multi-national base to the company. One of the units producing TAB Electrodes, Electro Surgical Plates and TENS Electrodes has been moved to India and the second unit with Hydrogel manufacturing facility continues to operate in Warwick. This accretion supports our desire to control the entire value chain from the high quality gel component to the low cost manufacturing operations.

With the Acquisition, we are able to offer the following range of Products:-

A. Disposable ECG Electrodes:

  1. Solid Gel Electrodes – Foam/Cloth/Tape with Stainless Steel Studs or Radio Translucent and with optional fitting of 4mm Banana adapter.
  2. Liquid Gel Electrodes – Foam/Cloth/Tape with Stainless Steel Studs or Radio Translucent and with optional fitting of 4mm Banana adapter.
  3. Prewired Neonatal Electrodes – FFoam/Cloth/Tape with Copper or Radio Translucent wires with 1.5 mm and 4mm Din Connector.
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B. TAB Electrodes:
These are Engineered for High Quality ECG Traces. They use skin Friendly conductive adhesive Hydrogel and manufactured in different sizes to match patients’ requirements. Radiolucent in nature, the TAB Electrodes meet or exceed AAMI Standards.

Transcutaneous Electrodes for Nerve Stimulation are Non-Invasive analgesic Electrodes, used to relieve nociceptive, neuropathic & musculoskeletal pain.

D. Hydrogels:
Hydrogels – A range of conductive adhesive gels for use in the production of ECG Electrodes, Electrosurgical Plates, TENS and Pre-Wired Electrodes. These gels are also used in a wide variety of medical applications, like Wound care, Defibrillation Pads & Drug delivery applications.

The Recognition:

In 2016 the company was awarded the prestigious INDIA SME 100 Award (selected from over 46,000 entries) in recognition of its growth, competitiveness & production excellence. The same year, Mr Amit Mehra was conferred with the award titled ‘India’s Small Giants’, one of the 40 recipients in India, who started out with little or no capital and have gone on to create a legacy with their enduring entrepreneurial spirit & courage of conviction.

In March 2017, the Company was awarded the Medical Equipment Exports Company of the Year organized by the ASSOCHAM (the Associated Chamber of Commerce & Industry of India), which is the oldest and largest apex chamber serving the nation since 1920. The evaluation criteria was based on several factors including Innovation and Research, Percentage Revenue from Exports, Growth, Quality Management system & Launching of New Products etc.

In December 2018, India Today (Leading News Magazine) covered Mr. Amit Mehra’s journey under their 43rd Anniversary Special Edition on “The Change Makers”.

Vision for the Future:

  1. The Company’s philosophy of work is pursuit of excellence through consolidation and growth. Despite second wave of COVID-19 across the world including India, the company has surpassed its sales forecast in the financial year 2020-21. Medico is hopeful to continue the growth trajectory in global sales of medical devices.
  1. The two new products introduced by the Company, ‘Off-Set Electrode’ and ‘TENS Electrode’ were well received in the market and the Company had forecasted good sales but due to COVID-19, the sales were not as encouraging as expected. However, the Company remains optimistic about the future prospects of both the products.
  1. The Hydrogel technology which was acquired from UK will open up further avenues beyond the growth of prevailing business and would eventually open up new unimaginable possibilities in the future; as the gel technology today is used not only in the production of Biomedical Electrodes but most importantly in Biosensors which is a huge upcoming new segment having immense growth prospects in future.

Medico’s products have great potential for growth that will fuel up the future revenues of the Company and further enhance the company’s position in the overall world Healthcare Sector.