Ecg electrodes in kenya

Enhancing medical standards with Medico Electrode’s ECG Electrodes in Kenya

Science and innovation have come a long way. In a world where everything is reaching the level of advanced technology. The world is growing rapidly and every problem has a short and quick solution.

Welcome to Medico Electrodes! Since 2006, we have been working in the fields of manufacturing and product supply. We have witnessed numerous changes in the fields of science and technology over the past decades. We are proud to introduce our product, ECG Electrodes, in Kenya. We work for professionals as well as individuals, providing the best source of disposable ECG electrodes and other reliable medical sources that can be helpful for cardiac treatment.

What kind of electrodes do we provide?

We have a wide range of electrodes available at our store for professionals, practitioners, and individuals seeking an easy and reliable product. If you are looking for disposable ECG electrodes in Kenya, medico-electrodes is here to help. There are a wide variety of ECG pads in Kenya that are recommended and utilized by medical specialists.

We provide:

  • ECG pads: ECG pads are placed on the patient’s skin, usually on the chest and limbs, to diagnose the health of their heart. They help detect the heart’s electrical signals and amplify them. They provide the ECG results, highlighting the issues with the patient’s heart health.
  • Repositionable Electrodes: This product is designed to be easily repositioned while maintaining an acceptable adhesive. We provide repositionable electrodes in Kenya with the best quality and they are easy to use as well.
  • Disposable ECG electrodes: We have a wide range of disposable ECG electrodes available at our store. We understand the needs of our customers and professionals. We have been working in the industry for decades; hence, we tend to provide quality products to our customers. These disposable products also have top-notch quality and are totally safe and professionally approved to use.
  • Radio translucent electrodes: There are different types of electrodes used during the diagnosis of the ECG. A radio translucent electrode is one of them, which is used to place on the patient’s skin while they appear for cardiac diagnosis. 
  • MRI-compatible electrodes: These electrodes are MRI-safe, as patients can go through the MRI diagnosis while wearing ECG electrodes attached to the cables. You can find these MRI-compatible electrodes, Tab and Snap Electrodes in kenya at our Medical Electrode store, just a few clicks away.
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